The treadmill recalls the feeling of running outdoors!

This amazing device allows you to run at your own pace while keeping the same feeling as running outdoors. You can use it in your apartment or in the practice of a fitness club. This is your exercise companion and your coach.

The use of the treadmill and its multiple benefits on the body are equally important. Its objectives can be weight loss, cardiovascular improvement or rehabilitation.

2What are its benefits?

  • Combined with a balanced diet, it is an ideal device for weight loss.
  • You do not suffer the weather constraints.
  • Depending on their level of technology, you can perform several types of training.
  • You can customize your workouts.
  • It is a unique tool to assess your physical progress.
  • It is designed to absorb shocks caused by every stride at the spine and knees.

Some very useful tips before you start:

  • When you run in your apartment, consider the temperature of the room. If there is no air conditioner, you need to open windows.
  • Before you start training, go to see your doctor or cardiologist.
  • Make sure you have running shoes.
  • Use a heart rate monitor. It is used to measure the heart rate of the rider: the number of heart beats per minute. This tool is essential in the management of weight loss. With Heart you stay within the target area for the duration of the exercise. It provides accurate and continuous monitoring of your workout by avoiding overuse or fatigue.
  • After 40 years, a stress test is recommended.

How to lose weight?
It should work endurance. This is an effort to moderate intensity but long-term, uninterrupted and easy breathing. You must be able to discuss easily with another person while running.
The more you work on endurance, the more your muscles will draw on reserves of subcutaneous fat. If, however, the intensity of exercise increases, the muscle will tap into reserves of glucose and you will burn fatter. It is a mistake to try and run out of steam. Know that you do not lose more weight so far. In fact, you must exercise at a level between 60 and 70% of your theoretical maximum heart rate quickly eliminate fat.

How to evaluate your maximum heart rate (MHR) theoretical?
MHR = 220 – your age. For a person of 40 years, it will be 220-40 = 180 beats per minute. For the 60-70% optimal, multiply by 60% or 70%. In the example 60% = 180 x 108 and 180 x 70% = 126, a heartbeat ideally between 108 and 126.

How long should I train?

  • You are a beginner or taking up exercise after a long break. For your work to be effective, it is advisable to practice three times a week for a period of 20 minutes and suitable for everyone. Keep this pace at least a month and increase the five-minute sessions every fortnight. Above all, we must avoid the appearance of fatigue or physical fatigue.
  • A person with an advanced level can work 45 minutes and beyond.

What are the benefits of endurance training?

  • The endurance training is the basis for a good general fitness and sense of well-being.
  • It prevents coronary events.
  • Decrease in LDL cholesterol.
  • Fight against overweight and obesity.
  • It Improves the functionality of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems: your resting heart rate and stress will decrease, you will have a better ability to recover from stress and therefore less breathlessness.
  • ECGD (exercise electrocardiogram)


This is a stress test performed on a treadmill. The principle of this test is to enhance the work of your heart by increasing oxygen requirements. According to the protocol, the effort is made by successive stages. The effort continued until exhaustion level by which the maximum heart rate and maximum oxygen consumption was measured.


At the hospital, in a room dedicated in the presence of a cardiologist and a nurse.


It is a measure of exercise tolerance and to specify the nature of the symptoms described in the effort (chest pain, palpitations).
Define maximum heart rate reached, the blood pressure profile of effort and corresponding oxygen consumption.

What treadmill?

Choose the right treadmill based on the average useful life and your physical capabilities.
Occasional use: walking faster or slower, slow jogging. It’s Ideal for rehabilitation.